More about this website.

While I most enjoy the thinking behind things, I'm also a do-er. Most of this website I coded only with the help of the internet. But my tech know-how goes beyond coding. I've also been known to troubleshoot finicky printers, moody scanners, Wi-Fi, "it's-just-acting-weird"-ness and even fax machines...but the fax machine help was back in the 90s.

(While all of the above is true, my full skillset in my resume.)

Have you ever thought that people often make things more complicated than they need to be?

I have.

Providing clarity is often harder than it looks, but that's my specialty. It can be finding the most direct solution to a sticky business problem or using the right technology to simplify a process. It can even be stripping design down to just the essential elements. While there is no surefire trick to finding clarity, I believe it starts with knowing the right questions to ask, not the right answers.

In simplicity there can be greatness.

I'm Ted, and I'd love to get to know you. But while you're here, please get to know me.