"If you can't explain it to a six-year-old,
you don't understand it yourself."
-Albert Einstein

Providing clarity is often harder than it looks, but that's my specialty. It can be finding the most direct solution to a sticky business problem or using the right technology to simplify a process. It can even be stripping design down to just the essential elements. While there is no surefire trick to finding clarity, I believe it starts with knowing the right questions to ask, not the right answers.

Strategy + Technology + Design

The title "Creative Technologist" has been used in the industry very loosely to define anyone from a developer to a digital strategist. While I possess many of the skills across that entire spectrum, my specialty lies in developing and articulating strategic thought about technology often through design. I have applied my skills to corporate brand strategy, service design, tech innovation and marketing strategies.

About Me

“Fix-It Ted” is a nickname I've acquired. This isn't just because of my dexterity with a pair of pliers, or that I know turning it off and then back on usually fixes it. It's because I live to find solutions by figuring things out for myself. I like to really dig into an assignment and work my way through it from the bottom up. At the core of all problems lie simple, straightforward answers, and I like finding them. I’ve never been one to sit back and let someone else do the work and I work best with people who do the same. Thanks to my forays into theatre, I’m comfortable speaking in public and I’ve developed a really thick skin.

If you believe that people are products of their environment, then it’s important to know that my mother is an interior designer, my father is a fantastic storyteller, and that after 28 years I’ve learned how to outrun and outwit my older brother. If you believe that people are born a certain way, then you should know that I’m a Libra.

In addition to having an eye for design, strong digital know how and an appreciation of strategy, I know how to make balloon animals and can solve the Rubik's Cube in less than two minutes. Those, however, are my less marketable skills.



Death is inevitable, but many of us choose not to talk about it or plan for it. The result is expensive and formulaic funerals prepared by our greiving loved ones. We all live such different lives, but why do we celebrate them the same way when we die? Our solution was Epilogue, an online platform that makes planning your funeral less morbid and more creative.

Milestone by Titleist

Titleist has consistently been a leader in advancing the sport of golf. But such a traditional brand can have a difficult time reaching a younger, more tech savvy audience without staying true to its core values. Therefore, we created Milestone by Titleist. I created this spot and worked on the marketing strategy.

Lead: A Response to the News Media Crisis

We made a sustainable news media model that fixes the industy's problem. It's an advertising free, account-based system that allows customers to purchase content per article. This is the overview video.


I was part of the team to create the Routehappy explainer video with the help of Nick Marx, Charles Merritt and Tyler Wriston from 80amps.com.

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